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Every second of my time I’m looking at my fone thinking that you have texted me and when I get a text message I become this little kid who got her first text message. I guess its all love

Good morning

Every morning I wake up and first thing I do is take my fone and say ‘good morning to you’ because you are really special to me x


It’s been over a month since I have been talking to you and during this month, I have experienced so many emotions that has never happened to me and its one of them that you can’t describe it at the time but when the time has come you can.

Today I thought expressing how I feel will complete the picture, I haven’t been this happy in a long time, talking to you completes my day, you make me smile and you make me happy. I couldnt ask for anything better in this moment of time. I have been thru up and downs but you have totally made my life worth it. When we talk, I can’t stop smiling cause just the way you look at me it gives butterflies and feel like a little kid once again. We have been talking since day one until today every moment is worth it. We have already been planning ‘our’ future which sounds silly but talking about how we want the future to be like, give anyone the thought that this is forever. I never thought I will come to say that sometimes in life you know when you have found someone worth taking. No wonder they say the good things comes to those that wait. Here I am! I have been waiting for my Prince to come along and here you are. I love you so much Mr M :)


The World Welcomes the New Prince of Cambridge

Today, Kensington Palace announced the birth of the new Prince of Cambridge, the son of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Traditionally the announcements are made via an easel placed outside Buckingham Palace, and crowds have gathered for weeks in anticipation of its placement.

For more photos and videos from the crowds at the announcement, visit the Buckingham Palace, Buckingham Palace Gate and St. Mary’s Hospital location pages. You can also browse the #buckinghampalace, #stmaryshospital and #royalbaby hashtags and discover more from the Royal Family by following their official accounts: @the_british_monarchy—where they shared their first photo of the announcement—and @clarencehouse.